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Hip + Joint Support Dog Chews | True Leaf Pet

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TRUE LEAF HIP + JOINT Support Hemp Chews are an ideal way to support your dog’s physical health with a functional chew throughout the day. Incorporate as a daily chew or as needed for when occasional aches and discomfort seem to be more apparent.

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Natural Ingredients



Omega-3 fatty acids from hemp help support healthy brain activity and nerve function.


Curcumin contains powerful antioxidants to support the body’s natural defenses and help to reduce oxidative damage.


A unique marine source of omega-3, glucosamine sulfate, and chondroitin, which helps to support joint flexibility and mobility.


From the best quality to the right ingredients, we have everything your pet needs to be happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, as our pets age, they tend to slow down a bit. Along with living an active lifestyle, older age can cause our furry friends to experience occasional aches and discomfort. TRUE LEAF Hip + Joint Support Chews are an ideal option in dog chews for joint pain. By relieving them of their occasional hip and joint stiffness, you can help guarantee their comfort and quality of life.

Our hip and joint hemp chews for dogs can help maintain the function of your dog’s bones, joints and connective tissues. If you notice your dog straining to get up, or your dog is moving slower than normal- consider incorporating TRUE LEAF Hip + Joint Support Chews into their daily diet. By helping to relieve joint and bone stiffness due to the normal aging process, our dog chews for occasional joint discomfort are a great option for improving your dog’s natural zest for life.

Support your four-legged companion’s naturally active lifestyle with TRUE LEAF’S Hip + Joint Support Chews and get them back on the path to moving with agility and comfort.



Kim K.

“Thank goodness for Trueleaf’s Hip and Joint chews. My dog had some hip issues a few months back. We were concerned that he wouldn’t ever really “walk right” again. After keeping him calm for a bit and using these chews every day, he seems to be feeling better than ever. He is back to his crazy self. I will continue using these for as long as I can. I couldn’t ask for a better helpful snack for my dog.”

Jeff B.

“Started using these about three months ago. I don’t ever really write reviews for anything- but I had to say something about these chews. My dog has always had somewhat of a limp ever since jumping off the bed weird one time. After some expensive vet trips, we were told that it might be an inflamed tendon. I found these hip/joint chews and had to give them a shot. I am so glad I did. My dog doesn’t limp anymore and enjoys getting these chews everyday. I truly believe they really helped!”

Sean C.

“Works Great! My 16 year old dachshund has been taking this supplement for a couple of years now. It did take about 2 weeks to notice a difference, but he was visibly more energetic and could move around easier than before. Also, he loves them! He gets one every morning after waking up. I don’t feel they are too expensive, especially for the comfort of my aging little old man. Great product!

Sarah A.

“One of the few items that actually helps my dog with his arthritis.I’ve tried products that are supposed to help alleviate my dog’s pain. Too many to count. This is one of the few that actually works. He plays more, almost like a puppy sometimes. He seems to sleep better, definitely can walk around better. And he apparently loves the taste. I was at my desk and he walked up and nudged the bag, asking for more!”

Nola C.

“My little pal Henry had an FHO on his back right leg in March and every so often he strains his leg usually from having so much energy. I give him these treats and they seem to help him not to mention they’re good for your dog. I use these paired with Dasuquin and Henry is the happiest little dog, I can tell a difference when we use other products and this one gets him back to being and feeling like his spunky self sooner.”

Lindsey T.

“Got my dog running again! My dog had joint issues that started when he was 2 years old. The vet suggested these supplements and I was skeptical at first but decided to try them out. A month later my doggo was back running around the park with a grin on his face. And he loves the taste of these which is a bonus since we don’t have to force him to eat them.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use hemp for dogs hip & joint pain?

Absolutely! For dogs that suffer from joint-related or arthritis-type issues, hemp offers an array of inflammation-reducing properties. With the help of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp oil for dogs can improve mobility and reduce pain by targeting the inflammation that surrounds the joints. If your dog has hip or joint pain check out our TRUE LEAF™ Hip + Joint Support Chews or the TRUE LEAF™ Hip + Joint Support Oil.

What are the health benefits of chickpeas for dogs?

Chickpeas are rich in protein, fiber and B vitamins. They also have a low glycemic index which is helpful for dogs with diabetes or that need to lose weight. If your dog has allergies, chickpeas could be beneficial since they are gluten-free. Chickpeas may also help improve bowel regularity. They are cholesterol-free which makes them a heart-healthy addition to your pet’s diet.

Is Turmeric good for dogs?

Turmeric is a yellow, earthy-flavored spice that comes from the Curcuma longa plant, a ginger plant that is grown in Southeast Asia. This spice is commonly used to add flavor and color to dishes. Yet, it has also been shown in some studies to have health benefits when consumed by humans and dogs for certain conditions like arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. But is turmeric good for dogs? Yes! Turmeric is good for dogs. In fact there are some great benefits of turmeric for dogs.

Because of turmeric’s impressive anti-inflammatory capabilities, we have included it in our TRUE LEAF™ Hip + Joint Support Chews and the TRUE LEAF™ Hip + Joint Support Oil. So, if you are looking to incorporate the power of turmeric into your dog’s diet, be sure to check out our dog chews for joint pain and dog oils for joint pain. Also, if you are looking for more information, be sure to check out our article on turmeric for dogs to learn more about the benefits of turmeric and how to add it to your dog’s diet!

What is green-lipped mussel oil and is it good for dogs?

Green-lipped mussel oil is derived from a species of mussel that are common along the coast of New Zealand. Their name stems from the green edge that surrounds the lip of their shells. Used for centuries because of their impressive medicinal benefits, green-lipped mussels are full of potent nutrients and minerals. They consist of omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, copper, manganese, antioxidants, vitamin C and E, selenium, glucosamine, chondroitin, and more. Impressively, all these naturally occurring substances are vital to joint health and functionality. Because of its effectiveness and beneficial nature we utilize green-lipped mussel oil for dogs as a key ingredient to our TRUE LEAF™ Hip + Joint Support Chews and the TRUE LEAF™ Hip + Joint Support Oil.


Calming Support

Reduces Stress, Tension & Anxiety


Hip & Joint Support

Increases Flexibility & Strengthens Joints


Everyday Omega

Increases Immune & Cognitive Support



From the best quality to the right ingredients, we have everything your pet needs to be happy and healthy.

True Leaf Pet is a company that cares about the health and happiness of pets. We believe in the power of premium, naturally sourced ingredients and we use them to make our supplements in North America. The True Leaf team has done research so you know which supplement will be best for your pet. Our mission statement is to RETURN THE LOVE with every product we design because we care about quality, your pet’s well-being, and giving back to communities around the world.