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Is Chamomile Safe For Dogs?

By March 22, 2022April 13th, 2022No Comments

Chamomile Health benefits for dogs - True Leaf Pet

You have most likely heard about the intriguing benefits of enjoying a relaxing cup of chamomile tea. Yet surprisingly, it’s not just for humans! Chamomile is safe for dogs as well! A long-time staple of folk medicine, this soothing herb is found in a slew of health and wellness products including teas, supplements, essential oils, soaps, and lotions. Since many of us use chamomile for anxiety with little to no side effects, it’s understandable if you have ever wondered: Can dogs have chamomile? However, here are some things you should know before giving your pup some tea.

What Is Chamomile?

Consisting of a floral, sweet and inviting taste, chamomile happens to be a very popular medicinal herb. Since the dawn of human history, it has been used for a variety of purposes. Frequently used as a mild sedative or to soothe the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and insomnia, chamomile has proved to be a very useful member of the daisy family.

The effects of chamomile stem from its natural plant compounds called terpenoids and flavonoids. These useful components aid in fighting against inflammation as well as providing protection against harmful free radicals.

Is Chamomile Safe for Dogs?

Yes! Chamomile is safe for dogs! However, it is important that it is dosed correctly and in the right form. Chamomile can be extremely useful to aid in dog anxiety or if your dog is stressed out. And although you may be tempted to just prepare a regular chamomile tea for your dog, it is best to choose a supplement, chew or oil that is made specifically for dogs. Many teas can be blended with other ingredients or plant extracts that could be harmful to canines.

Therefore, it is important to choose professionally formulated solutions while utilizing proper dosing to ensure your pet is receiving the right amount of chamomile. Rest assured, TRUE LEAF™ Calming Support Chews and the TRUE LEAF™ Calming Support Oil, utilizes a safe amount of chamomile extract and can be utilized on a daily basis following the correct dosing guidelines.

Benefits of Chamomile for Dogs

Impressively, there is an impressive list of benefits of chamomile for dogs. Here are some great reasons to consider giving your dog a supplement containing chamomile:

All Health Benefits:

  • It can help with mild anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Chamomile can help ease a stressed-out pup into a more relaxed state.
  • Tense muscles. Chamomile can act as a mild natural muscle relaxant.
  • Gastrointestinal conditions. Chamomile can potentially ease a dog’s upset stomach, inflammatory bowel disease, and stomach ulcers.
  • Inflammation from skin conditions. Chamomile is also useful in calming inflamed and irritated skin.

One of the most beneficial aspects of chamomile is the ability to help with dog anxiety or stress. Anxiousness and stress are no fun for dogs- or for their owners. Whether it’s stressed caused by separation anxiety, fireworks or traveling- it can be tough to watch your furry companion struggle with these unfortunate emotions. You could consider trying chamomile for dog anxiety, phobias, or insomnia. Perhaps, teamed with behavioral training, a chamomile-infused dog calming chew or oil can be a helpful way to calm your pup so they can have the best life experience possible.

Dog with chamomile for health benefits - True Leaf Pet

How to Give Chamomile to Dogs

Before you give your dog chamomile in any form, you may want to double check with your veterinarian. Especially if your pup tends to be on the sensitive side. It is best to incorporate the use of a professionally formulated supplement to guarantee proper dosing. Chamomile infused treats and supplements—especially ones that are formulated with the help of veterinarians (Like our TRUE LEAF Calming Support Chews) — usually have the correct dosage already in them. These products make giving your dog chamomile safe and effective.

Remember, high amounts of chamomile can be toxic for dogs. Therefore, you should never give your dog straight chamomile tea or large amounts of chamomile leaves. Also- if you happen to have curious or pesky pups at home, be sure to store any chamomile supplements up and out of their reach.

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