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Can I Give My Dog Green Tea?

By May 20, 2022No Comments

Can I Give My Dog Green Tea - True Leaf Pet

For a lot of people, drinking tea is a part of their everyday routine. Yet, it is something that a lot of people do not realize they can give to their dogs. You may be shocked to find out that green tea is full of healthy benefits for your dog’s diet. From its healing properties to its cancer-fighting properties, green tea for dogs can be an excellent supplement to incorporate.

In this article, we will break down the perks of green tea for dogs. Then, we will explain how to safely supplement green tea into your dog’s diet.

Green Tea for Dog’s Immune System

One of the big perks of green tea is the healing properties it provides. These properties work by hindering cell damage, which in turn boosts your dog’s immune system. This is what helps green tea to be an effective tool in potentially fighting cancer.

By boosting your dog’s immune system, you will ensure your dog is more capable of fighting off other viruses and infections. This could all result in a better quality of life for your dog. As well as less anxiety for you as a pet owner. Plus it limits the number of trips to the vet, which means fewer vet bills!

Cancer-Fighting Properties

When processed, green tea undergoes slight oxidation. This contributes to the development of healthy antioxidants that may help combat cancer. There have been and continue to be many studies that focus on the cancer-fighting effects of green tea for dogs. One, in particular, consisted of a dog who was suffering from lymphoma. He was failing to react to antibiotics and other medical treatments. When supplied with a dog-safe green tea supplement, his enlarged lymphoma was failing to react to antibiotics and a range of other medical treatments. But when green tea was consumed several times a day as a last resort, the enlarged lymph nodes reduced to a normal, smaller healthier size in a matter of a few weeks.

Now, this doesn’t mean that anyone should go giving their pet large amounts of green tea in hopes of ridding cancer. It is always important to consult with your veterinarian before incorporating any new supplements into your dog’s diet.

How Should I Feed My Dog Green Tea?

Before you feed your dog any green tea, it is important to note that you shouldn’t be using just any amount or type of green tea. It is important that you find a dog safe green tea and especially a caffeine-free green tea. Too much caffeine can have a range of adverse effects on your dog’s physical and mental state, so caffeinated tea should always be avoided at all costs.

It is best to utilize a treat or supplement that has been professionally created and formulated for dogs specifically, especially ones that are formulated with the help of veterinarians (Like our TRUE LEAF Calming Support Hemp Chews.) Then, you can assure that the correct dosage dog safe green tea is already in them. These products make giving green tea to your dog safe and effective.

The Green Tea Verdict

Regardless of being thought of as for human consumption only, green tea is packed full of good benefits that can also help your dog. Its antioxidant properties make it ideal for combating cancer and it enhances your dog’s immune system so they can fight off infections and diseases.

Because of its impressive and useful nature, we have incorporated the use of green tea for dogs in our TRUE LEAF™ Calming Support Chews and the TRUE LEAF™ Calming Support Oil. Therefore, if you want your dog to enjoy the amazing benefits of green tea, consider incorporating the use of our calming chews for dogs or calming oil for dogs.

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