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With over 13 different individual products in various sizes we have a wide selection of dog heath products to promote and market. All of our products are NASC certified and lab tested safe for pets. With all natural ingredients our dog chews, oils, topical gels, and sprays are great for any household with a dog.

10% per sale

We offer 10% per sale starting and increase the % based on sales and partnership.

60 Day Cookies

Our universal cookies last for 60 days which is much longer than most affiliate programs.

$40 Min Payout

Our average sale is $50+ so hitting the $40 minimum payout is a breeze.

Affiliate Program Comparison:


Average commission rate: 10% per sale
Cookie duration: Universal cookie lasts 60 Days
Minimum payout: $40


Average commission rate: 3.00% for Pet Products
Cookie duration: Universal cookie lasts 24 hours
Minimum payout: $10 for Amazon gift card


Average commission rate: Fixed $15 Commission
Cookie duration: Universal cookie lasts 15 days
Minimum payout: $50

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