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7 Facts About Dog Dental Care

By March 14, 2022No Comments

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Did you know that February is Pet Dental Month? Along with many veterinary specials on dog and cat dental, it is also a great time to incorporate healthy dental habits for dogs’ teeth. Especially if you have noticed that your dog’s breath is less than enjoyable. It is essential to know some basic facts about dog dental care. That way, you have an idea about what dog dental disease is and some other tips for what to look for and what to avoid in regards to your dog’s dental care.

What is dog dental disease?

Like with humans, dental disease can be a painful condition when plaque, tartar, and bacteria build-up on the teeth. When these get trapped below the gum line, the bacteria may be absorbed into the bloodstream. This can wreak havoc on some of the major organs within the body. It’s unfortunate when a controllable situation like routine dog dental care leads to more significant health problems. Here, we will take a look at some quick facts to know so that you can be an advocate for your dog’s oral health.

Dog dental disease can cause significant and chronic pain for dogs:

When left to build up and get worse over the years, dog dental disease can cause infection and inflammation. This leads to significant and chronic pain for your pup. Unfortunately, dogs can be experts at masking their signs of pain, leaving these issues to get worse over time. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your dog’s dental health from the start.

Dental disease in dogs begins early in life:

Sometimes starting as early as age three, dental issues in dogs start sooner than we realize. It is essential to recognize the early signs of dog dental disease. Signs of dog teeth issues can include bad breath, tartar buildup, and swollen or red gums. Early detection of these issues can improve your pet’s quality of life and overall health. Therefore, it is good to implement a consistent routine of dog dental care and yearly follow-ups with your veterinarian.

X-rays help when diagnosing dog dental disease:

Some normal-looking teeth can actually have underlying conditions below the gums that are difficult to see by just looking. Not everyone is a huge supporter of x-rays for dental care. However, the occasional use of x-rays for dogs can help diagnose potentially diseased or abscessed teeth.

Anesthesia during a dog dental can make dental evaluation and treatment safer and less stressful:

Just like with humans, during a dental procedure, technicians and veterinarians may utilize sharp or unpleasant tools to evaluate or clean the teeth and gum lines. It is less stressful – and painful- for dogs to be under anesthesia when a dog dental is performed. This allows for a more accurate diagnosis and overall cleaning procedure.

Believe it or not, anesthesia is much safer for dogs than you may think:

It is usually standard for your veterinarian to recommend bloodwork in order to screen your pet’s health before a dental is performed. This is especially the case for older dogs or dogs with health conditions. Bloodwork will inform your veterinarian whether or not the use of anesthesia is a good idea. But as scary as it may seem, anesthesia is relatively safe. When a dog dental procedure is performed by a professional veterinarian and their team, you can guarantee that they will monitor and record vital signs to ensure your dog’s health and safety.

Plaque removal from below the gum line is essential!:

Cleaning below the gum line is one of the most critical factors in cleaning your dog’s teeth. Bacteria tend to thrive in this area and can lead to deep infections within the tooth and the root. This can spread into the jaw and bloodstream, attacking other organs such as the kidneys or the heart.

Caring for your dog’s teeth at home is essential!:

Incorporating consistent dog teeth cleaning routine can promote oral health and prevent expensive health issues later on. And believe it or not, it is actually a fairly straightforward process! Be sure to incorporate a dog-safe toothpaste such as TRUE LEAF’s Healthy Teeth Dental Gel . Our dog Dental Gel and dog dental spray are ideal solutions for helping to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Combined with an impressive pairing of oregano and peppermint essential oils, TRUE LEAF’s dog dental gel utilizes the properties of chlorella. As a high-powered form of algae, chlorella contains ingredients to support healthy teeth and gums.

True Leaf Pet Dental Heath and Fresh Breath Smiling Dog

As you can tell, maintaining your dog’s oral health is crucial to keeping them happy and healthy. The best way to do this is to incorporate a dental cleaning routine and to keep up with yearly veterinary exams to assess dental health throughout the years. And remember, you can also consider incorporating TRUE LEAF Healthy Teeth Dental Gel. Then you can provide your special companion with a kissable, fresh, and healthy smile! Our powerful and specially formulated dental solution will aid in the body’s natural healing process for gums and bacteria in the mouth. TRUE LEAF’S dog dental gel will deliver amazing results with wholesome ingredients.

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